Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!!

Happy New Year's Eve! I just wanted to sign off for this year with a HUGE thank you to all! I have been extremely blessed this year with so many amazing opportunities and although its been at times chaotic with many lessons learned (as it should be) and yet again way too many studio moves, I have also had the opportunity to visit breathtaking places and meet extremely giving, creative and very talented people with not one but two trips abroad! My goals for 2014 ---- absolutely without a doubt more travel abroad, collaborations with new & old friends and best of all moving back home to Kentucky (a long awaited desire). And although I might not be able to forsee the exact future in this long thought out decision, I will be near family and friends who support and encourage my passion for making, sharing, teaching and of course working in my studio. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

SIERAAD International Jewelry Fair 2013 & my visit to Amsterdam!

It has almost been one full week since my return from Amsterdam and although part of me is still wandering the streets and canals of the beautiful city, I am glad to be home again. I have posted many more pictures on my facebook page but have also saved a few good pictures to share for the blog and to write briefly on my personal experience.
While in Amsterdam I had the pleasure of staying with a wonderful and sharing couple, Gon Homburg and her husband Hans. Gon is a lacemaker and teacher http://www.kloskant.com/  and her husband Hans is actually close to retiring as an engineer. Hans is also a craftsman/metalsmith, exquisite self-taught engraver and author/illustrator of a few books, including an engraving manual. Having never meet before and only knowing Gon was a lacemaker through a mutual friend in Spain, I had no idea beforehand I would be staying with such amazing people...it was a beautiful surprise to say the least. To participate in SIERAAD for me was a positive and successful experience with the opportunity to meet people, jewelers, artists, and colleagues in the field from the U.S., Amsterdam, Italy, Spain, london, Australia (list goes on) and to create professional contacts that I hope to continue along with new friendships. Excited to have the opportunity to share and sell my work, I was even more thrilled to have scored a very special trade from a long respected maker in the U.S. (see pics below) The Monday after the fair I was asked to give a small presentation on my work to a local lace group that Gon teaches and mentors and then I was off to spend a week in Amsterdam walking the city and making it a goal to see as many museums, galleries, narrow brick lane streets, bridge covered canals, buildings and art as much as possible while eating gluten free stroopwaffels (thank you Albert Hejin). The last Saturday before leaving Amsterdam I was invited to take part in the North Region of Holland's annual bobbin-lace workshop with the bobbin lace maker Solveigh Beekum. It was a perfect ending to a great experience. I hope you enjoy the images. Thank you so much Gon & Hans Homburg, SIERAAD & Astrid Berens and I hope to see you once again next year!

I had the pleasure of sharing a booth with Jennaca Davies, Mallory Weston and Emily Watson all from the U.S.

My work in our booth

  Inside ceiling view of the Westergasfabriek where the Fair took place

  I stayed next to the museum district at the
 very tip of Vondel park 

The Rijksmuseum on a sunny morning!

View from one of the canal bridges in front of Central Station

Gon Homburg 

Hans Homburg

Gon Homburg's beautiful studio in the house where I stayed for two weeks.

Tile work in the foyer of  the Homburg house

Bobbin lace by Gon Homburg

Neckpiece by Gon Homburg

Hans studio

Some of his tools!

The Hortus Botanicus/Botanical Gardens

Rembrants house

The Brilmuseum/Spectacles

                                                           Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans 

Tassen Museum Hendrikje/Museum of Bags and Purses


Van Gogh Musuem (i really enjoyed the sketchbooks)

Dam Square

Visiting Gallery Marzee on my first day in Amsterdam with my booth partners

Linda Ezerman and Jillian Moore at Zaanse Schans! Thank you for the invite

The booth behind ours with Kathleen Browne, Kirstin Beeler and Nikki Couppee!

My AMAZING trade with Kathleen Brown!